Meridian Park Condominiums, Inc is registered with the State of Florida as a Condominium Association..  The Board of Directors meets monthly during the Season and as needed during the summer months.  The Annual Meeting of the Membership (owners) is held the second Monday in February.  At that time, the agenda includes the election of Board members, who serve staggered two-year terms.  

The Association maintains the fourteen individual condominiums that comprise our Community.  Each condominium numbered 1 through 14, is responsible for its own income and expenses.  In addition, the owner of each unit is responsible for their 1/169th share of costs/income for the maintenance of the common area (clubhouse, pool, its parking lot, storage garage/workroom, and shuffleboard courts and attached grounds).

Monthly maintenance fees cover water and sewer, lawn care, building insurance (not to be confused with interior homeowners insurance), outdoor common-area. These fees vary for each individual condominium depending upon expected expenses for the year. Fees are not determined by the number of bedrooms or the amount of square feet of the unit. The budget for each condominium is set annually and special assessments are approved when/if needed by a condominium, such as for roof replacement, building painting, and driveway work. At this time, the Association does not have any Reserve accounts for those items.

The Association is self-managed.  Our volunteer Board of Directors, Committee members and many residents take on duties that would normally cost  additional expense to the Association, such as: wood repair and small painting jobs; maintenance of the  pool deck, fencing and flowering planters around the pool; oversight of the bids for roof repairs or replacement; coordination with contractors to obtain bids to paint condo buildings, maintenance of the shuffleboard courts; creation and maintenance of the community's website and internet phone, and the list goes on!  Owners are encouraged to become involved in the Association in many meaningful ways, including serving on the Board of Directors. 

CONDOMINIUM DOCUMENTS ARE AVALABLE ON LINE.  There is no Association cost to you if you wish to download and print out a set of condominium documents as they relate to Meridian Park Condominiums, Inc.

     *  Articles of Incorporation: Each unit should have a copy of these Articles of Incorporation.    Please click on this link:
     *  Declaration of Condominium and Bylaws (one separate set for each of the 14 condomuiniums) as well as Amendments applicable to only certain condominiums:  Each unit should have a copy of the Bylaws.  Each unit should have a copy of the Declaration of Condominium as it pertains to the unit's own condominium (which condos are numbered 1 thru 14) and a copy of the Bylaws as they also shall pertain.  Please click on this link to access these documents:

     *  Amendments to the Declaration of Condominium, Bylaws, and updated Rules & Regulations:  Each unit should have a copy of all the Amendments and updated Rules & Regulations found within this link.
     *  Fire Sprinkler System Retrofitting Vote:  

     *  ESTOPPEL RESOLUTION #1​            
     *  Applications for Purchase or Lease of a unit, including information on application fee amount and the name and phone number of the Application Secretary, who is available to answer any questions you may have:.  To view or to download to print a copy, please click on this link: 

     *  ​Request for Estoppel Certificate​  please click on this link for contact info:

     *  Request for Condo Questionnaire

   *  Association Insurance Certificate

     *  Exterior Improvement Request Forms:

For your further reference, you may click the following link to view Chapter 718 of the Florida Condominium Statute:​